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Pressure Washing vs. Power Washing: Which is Right for You?**

When it comes to cleaning outdoor surfaces, you often hear about pressure washing and power washing. But what’s the difference, and which one is right for your needs? Let’s dive in.

Pressure Washing:

Pressure washing uses a high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and loose paint from surfaces. It’s an effective method for cleaning various outdoor surfaces like decks, driveways, sidewalks, and siding. Key features of pressure washing include: –

Water Pressure:

Pressure washers typically operate at pressures ranging from 1300 to a powerful 6000 PSI (pounds per square inch). Yes, you read that right – 6000 PSI! This high-pressure spray is perfect for tackling surface-level dirt and stains. –


Pressure washing is versatile and suitable for most residential cleaning tasks, working effectively on surfaces that can handle high-pressure water. –

Cleaning Agents:

While pressure washing often uses water alone, detergents and cleaning solutions can be added to boost cleaning power, particularly when dealing with stubborn stains.

Power Washing with RCCS NZ:

When it comes to professional pressure washing services in Auckland, New Zealand, RCCS NZ is the trusted name. Here’s how to decide which service is right for you: – Pressure Washing: For routine cleaning tasks like decks, siding, patios, or general dirt and grime removal on various surfaces, our pressure washing services with up to 6000 PSI are the ideal choice. –

Power Washing:

If you’re dealing with stubborn stains, especially those involving grease, oil, or deeply embedded dirt, RCCS NZ’s power washing service is your go-to solution. It’s particularly effective for industrial and heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

In summary, pressure washing and power washing each have their strengths, with pressure washing reaching up to an impressive 6000 PSI for tackling tough surface-level stains. When deciding which method to use in Auckland, New Zealand, and its diverse suburbs, consider the specific cleaning requirements of your project and choose RCCS NZ for professional, tailored solutions that keep your surfaces spotless and welcoming.

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